Certified Show Water Quality Specialists

Are YOU Running a Koi Show?  Do you need a Certified Water Quality Specialist?

K.O.I. Certifies Show Water Quality Specialists.  Each candidate must pass the following courses:

K.O.I. 201 – Water Quality
K.O.I. 207 – Koi Diagnosis and Treatment
K.O.I. 310 – Transporting Koi
K.O.I. 503 – Koi Show Water Quality and Koi Safety

Then finally, each candidate must actually INTERN at a Koi Show under a K.O.I. Certified Instructor:
K.O.I. 403 – Koi Show Water Quality Internship

The curriculum covers more than just the science.  It teaches how to prepare for a safe show, and what's needed at every step of the way.  Simple checklists are included so that every task is covered, and clear responsibilities are understood in advance. 


Following is a list of Certified Show Water Quality Specialists:

State City Name Email
CA Mission Viejo Spike Cover scover1@cox.net
CA San Rafael Mary Nielsen hulali8@me.com
CT Rockfall Karen Pattist pattist@snet.net
GA Roswell Ken Jett kenjettmiami@gmail.com
OR Gresham Bill Layman bbllayman@gmail.com
WA Auburn Monte McQuade montwila@comcast.net

If you are interested in getting one of your club members Certified as a Show Water Quality Specialist - SCHOLARSHIPS MAY BE AVAILABLE!  Contact Karen - pattist@snet.net - for more information!


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