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This is a wonderful article about ways to beautify your pond by concealing all the plumbing and filtration required to keep it healthy.

This article suggests some features and symbolism taking from Japanese Gardens that you can use to beautify your pond surroundings.

In many parts of the country, the weather fluctuates wildly, and changes of more than 5 degrees higher or 2 degrees lower in a pond during a 24 hour cycle can be very stressful on the Koi!  Here are some suggestions to help Koi though periods with fluctuating pond temps, by Fish Vet Richmond Loh of Australia.

If you've ever had to deal with sick fish in cooler water temps, you will find this video helpful!  It outlines a simple plan for making a section of the pond warmer to promote healing, and was done by Fish Vet Richmond Loh of Australia.

Another group speaks out against the release of KHV in Australia to control invasive carp.

Koi fish is a significant symbol in Chinese culture, representing wealth and prosperity.

In the USA, KHV affects our pets, but in other parts of the world, carp are an important food source...

Around half of all fish today come from aquaculture, since the overfishing of the oceans has caused this market to grow steadily. For fishery yield, the health of the fish is crucial.  After the trout, the carp is the most important aquaculture fish in Germany.

Spreading disease is another problem with people dumping fish in public places...

Did you know that Koi frequently become buddies with other creatures?  This time - it's a French Bulldog named Daisy...

Ever found a predator in your Koi pond?  A woman in Montana got a HUGE surprise!  Luckily, the visitor seemed more interested in eating the vegetation...  You gotta watch this video!


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