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It's that time of year again!  There are some wonderful Koi gifts available - check out this random selection...

We have a lot of recent research findings about fish intellegence posted here on the K.O.I. blog.

While this article is about animals, I think it's very interesting!  We underestimate the non-humans around us, and the more we learn, the more we can begin to put everything in perspective.

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For those of you who do crochet out there, here’s a pattern for a blanket with a Koi fish on it!  Note it is a paid pattern, here's the link:


Dr. Richmond Loh (the Fish Vet, Australia) has a new video on how you can help save a Koi that's jumped out of water.  See the link below...

Most of us think of the Koi's "slime coat" as the mucus we scrape off when we're looking for parasites under the microscope.  We know that this mucus provides the Koi's primary defense against parasites and bacteria, but it turns out it's natural antibiotics may help scientists develop new drugs to treat multidrug-resistant bacteria in people too.

If you've ever wondered how BIG the hobby is, here's the answer! 

Everyone that keeps fish - whether in a pond or aquarium, needs to know about Mycobacteria!  It not only affects a wide range of fish species (including Koi and goldfish), but it's one of the few fish diseases that affects humans as well!  While it's not curable in fish, in humans it requires many months of treatments.  This video from Fish Vet Dr. Richmond Loh will tell you everything you need to know - but I'll add one more thought - if you have any open sores on your hands, or if you are handling a sick fish - USE GLOVES!

A little humor from our Koi!

1.  Where do we want the Koi to go?

2.  What do Koi do when they discover a hole in the net?

If you have ever wondered how these water quality parameters are related, there's a good description of pH, KH, GH and TDS on Koiphen, The source is not identified for the graphs,

This article is about size change in fish do to global warming, but has an excellent description of why larger Koi require more O2 than smaller Koi.


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