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Yes, these black swans really look like they are sharing their food. Check out this 1 minute, 9 seconds youtube.

Ahh fish, amazing partners in the Mangrove exosystems!
...according to a new study by the University of Michigan, two tropical fish may be mangrove’s ‘most valuable players’ in the pursuit of nutrients - by providing the mangroves with their nutrient-rich urine.

Many thanks to Michael Landesman, a K.O.I. student, for sharing his construction video with us. 
This video is masterful at showing the process of pond construction. No words, just great video/music that shares a well documented process to the family's new pond. 

I wonder when we will see nuts in our koi feed?
Thanks to researchers at the Agricultural Research Service, a new feed ingredient made from tree nuts is available to fish farmers.
As the aquaculture (fish or shellfish farming) industry grows, so does the need for fish feed that's not dependent on the stagnant supply of fish meal made from captured marine fish protein and oils.

Another story on the research about fish and their amazing intellect. 

... It came as a surprise to learn that studies suggest that just as I enjoy peering into their underwater world, the fish are enjoying their view of my living room as well. What must my fish be thinking as they watch my family members sitting on the couch, moving about searching for lost keys or stealing a cookie? Reports from experimental lab studies give insights into what fish are able to detect in their surroundings and how our interactions with our pet fish might need a second look. 

Most people think of fish as somehow lesser than pigs, cows, chickens and other land animals.

Cooking entertainment for the kids, and it shouldn't be too messy!
Whether you’re looking for a cool dessert for kids or want to make shark Jello treats to celebrate Shark Week, here is a great and easy recipe that’s perfect for summer. It requires no baking and has only 3 ingredients!

Head to the kitchen and have some fun making these deserts for your fish loving family or friends.


RuPaul has a fishy fan.
The Queensland grouper fish has worked through more than 150 episodes of the hit show, which is pretty bloody impressive, even by my binge watching standards.

Keepers at Sea Life Brighton Brighton have said Queen Gary III enjoys looking at the movement and bright colours as the queens sashay down the runway.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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