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Okay, which of your koi have the behaviors associated with effective leadership?
Good leaders needing to strike a balance between striving to reach goals and keeping their followers with them has deep evolutionary roots, according to a new study from the Universities of Bristol, Harvard and Princeton on schooling fish.

Fish and humans are similiar when in risky situations
New research carried out by scientists at the University of Bristol has shown that despite individual animals having their own personality, this gets suppressed when they make decisions together in a group.
Dr Christos Ioannou and his colleagues from the School of Biological Sciences tested three spined sticklebacks (the UK's smallest ) alone and in groups of ten.

Fish in space, a great article about fish research and viability of fish in space.

The seabass eggs, all 200 of them, were settled in their module and ready to go. The ground crew had counted the eggs carefully, checked each for an embryo, and sealed them tightly within a curved dish filled precisely to the brim with seawater.
The countdown, and then—ignition! For two full minutes, the precious eggs suffered a riotous shaking as the rocket’s engines exploded to life, followed by another eight minutes of heightened juddering as they ascended to the heavens.

This story will have me observing my koi's swimming patterns much more as I carefully for personaliy.
The way a fish swims reveals a lot about its personality, say scientists

For those looking for more scientific reading on the risks spreading pathogens for farmed fish to wild populations:

Research on viral infections in aquaculture: 

Okay, will someone tell me how to make this food.
Veterinarians from RUDN University have developed a way to increase the resistance of carp, the most common fish in fish farms, to the harmful effects of ammonia, which is found in almost all water bodies. The researchers found that the amino acid arginine added to fish food can be helpful. The results are published in the journal Aquaculture.
Method to protect carp from the harmful effects of ammonia (

Okay, I know you know someone who needs this as a gift!  

I so want to make one of these ecosystems for my home. Here is a video on how to do.  


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