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For our science minded friends!
...The study reveals the details of important nutrient exchanges between algae and bacteria. Such exchanges determine the functioning of microbial communities in the environment, relevant to climate change cycles and agricultural productivity. Microbial interactions within microbial communities are important on many levels, ranging from the ecology of aquatic and terrestrial food webs, to wastewater treatment. A key characteristic of the interactions within these communities is the exchange of nutrients between species.

Impress your guests with this cake as they gather round the pond!
A TikToker is racking up millions of views on a video showing how she turned a regular cake into an edible koi pond.
TikTok user @lovesicksami shared the video of her process on March 16. It had nearly 8 million views and more than 2 million likes at the time of writing, and other TikTokers in the comments were so in awe of the cake's beauty, they said they couldn't imagine eating it.

Both goldfish and catfish survived!  But did Stephen the goldfish, learn his lesson?
A goldfish has undergone surgery to fix his broken jaw using paperclips.
Stephen the greedy goldfish ran into trouble when he bit off more than he could chew attempting to eat a catfish.
Owner, Shona Hingston, from Northumberland, returned home to find Stephen in distress with only the catfish's tail sticking out of his mouth.

A very unigue carp indeed. 
An “extremely rare strain of carp,” a 13-pound mirror carp nicknamed tiger carp for its unique stripes, was the object of a bidding war recently among Britain fisheries, all vying to become the owner of the fish that is believed to be the first of its kind in the U.K.
‘Extremely rare’ fish sold at auction for $3,425 (

Okay, this is my idea of a dream home!
Combining neutral tones, natural materials, and indoor/outdoor living, Am House is a reprieve from the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City. Then the marketing director for a large corporation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was in search of a new home, he sought a place that woule be a respite away from the stress of work and city life. 
Am House by Creative Architects, Am Design Studio, and Time Architects - Dwell

Here is a great short article on that famous 226 year old koi named Hanako. 
A Japanese fish called Hanako is believed to be the longest living Koi fish ever recorded, having made it to the grand old age of 226 before her death in 1977.

The scarlet-coloured female was born in 1751 in the middle of the Tokugawa era in Japan.

Wouldn't this be fun on your sidewalk!
If you've wandered around San Francisco much, odds are you've seen a few fish on the ground.

Cyanobacteria May be coming soon to your pond, via the clouds!
Human health and ecosystems could be affected by microbes including cyanobacteria and algae that hitch rides in clouds and enter soil, lakes, oceans and other environments when it rains, according to a Rutgers co-authored study.

A sad reminder that ponds are dangerous places for young.  Children need supervision regardless of the season. 
The 10-year-old boy who died on Valentine's Day after falling through ice on a Tennessee pond was trying to save his sister, the family's pastor said.
Boy died trying to save his sister from frozen Tennessee pond, family pastor says (

 A great short review of pharmaceutical contamination on fish. Our waters are becoming polluted with human drugs and this study looked at the possible results. 
Fish species around the globe are at risk due to the ever-increasing levels of pharmaceutical contamination that is making its way into water systems, according to collaborative research conducted by The University of Western Australia, Monash University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and New York University.


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