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Hello Koi Enthusiasts!

This blog is here to provide a spot for various things that do or might pertain to Koi. This stuff is intended for your entertainment, and is not meant to meet the stricter standards of our ebooks and courses, so use this info carefully and at your own risk. The short articles here may be descriptions of techniques that have proved effective, an introduction to new fish research, facts, graphs or just something FUN about fish! This information can be a springboard for your imagination and an entertaining place to learn something new. Information that was first published in Question of the Week can be found here.

The more we learn about Koi, the more FUN this hobby is - and we always say - if you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right!

If you have ever wondered about the development of a Koi's immune system as it relates to defense against bacteria, this is a fascinating study showing how and when that natural immunity develops.

CLICK HERE to read online, or download the article.

We are often warned about the effects of heavy metals on our Koi.  In this study, the effects of aluminum and iron are studies in a pond of Koi that had become exposed to heavy metals from runoff water.

Malachite Green has long been used as a treatment for various fish diseases, and to treat fungus on fish eggs.  If you have or are thinking about using Malachite Green, please read this article, which reviews the negative side effects of Malachite Green, and suggests useful alternatives.

In this short article, the Centre Alliance Environmental spokesperson presents a counterpoint after the publication of the scientific report recommending that the virus release should go ahead.

This is from a wellness clinic in AZ...

New research from the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, Australia, indicates that while the initial release of KHV will have high mortality, repeated outbreaks are unlikely to recur at a magnitude to counter the reproductive potential of the surviving carp.  Interesting!  Read the abstract for the study  or download the entire pdf...

Recently the question was asked about how much does a Koi weigh that is a certain length?  Here are some thoughts, and a few charts...

What do you do with meds that are past their use-by date, or not needed any more?  Here is excellent advice from Doctors Foster-Smith...

What do you do with old syringes/needles or scalpels?  Here is excellent advice from Doctors Foster-Smith...

I recently had a question about what to do if your pond is visited by a mink... 

Beginners frequently ask us how much they should be spending on their Koi in order to get healthy fish.  We do have suggestions - see our FREE K.O.I. 101:  But thought you might like to see a Koi from a recent auction...

World Organisation for Animal Health

This section on KHV is published in the Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals from the World Organisation for Animal Health.  It gives detailed information about the disease, host factors, sampling, diagnostic methods, rating of tests against purpose of use, tests recommended to declare freedom from disease, and corroborative diagnostic criteria.  Basically, this paper contains all current info on KHV as of October, 2018.

If you are interested in showing Koi, or understanding Koi breeding for color, this book has many insights into Koi genetics, and how color traits are inherited.

This study shows that CEV is very contagious and that it has been cultured in Koi that appear to be perfectly healthy, thus the disease is easily spread, just like KHV.

This study looks at the effect of feeding Azomite (hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate, a natural trace mineral product) to Koi.  They found that it improved both growth and the immune response.

The folks in New Zealand and Australia are concerned about Koi Carp as an invasive species.  They have funded several research projects to learn more about their wild populations.  This study shows that Koi don't live nearly as long in the wild as they do in good Koi ponds!

Learn to make a durable Koi windsock!  Activity for Kids.

It's that time of year again!  There are some wonderful Koi gifts available - check out this random selection...

This brief article by Syd Mitchell explains the part that plants play in the Nitrogen Cycle.

This white paper was written by Ling Jin, on the recommendation by K.O.I.  PLEASE SHARE with all breeders and dealers that you know, so everyone can understand the science behind KHV testing, and how to do it!  Please ALWAYS give attribution to Ling Jin AND K.O.I. when you re-print the paper.

We all claim to know Koi keepers like this...

John Svelan and Jerry Myers, both K.O.I. Certified Koi Keepers (CKKs) and members of the Koi Club of San Diego, helped rescue Koi from an abandoned pond in a Country Club.

The Australian government has postponed the decision to release Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) for a year, so they can continue to study the timing and effects.

This article is about a recent surgery done at UC Davis - School of Veterinary Medicine.  The Koi survived the surgery and was doing well 10 weeks later.  It should be noted that the vast majority of tumors reappear within a year, and will cause mortality, such that the surgery was more about learning than about the long-term survival of the Koi.

Thanks to Monte McQuade, our own Show Water Quality instructor, for sharing his heartbreaking experience.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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