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Hello Koi Enthusiasts!

This blog is here to provide a spot for various things that do or might pertain to Koi. This stuff is intended for your entertainment, and is not meant to meet the stricter standards of our ebooks and courses, so use this info carefully and at your own risk. The short articles here may be descriptions of techniques that have proved effective, an introduction to new fish research, facts, graphs or just something FUN about fish! This information can be a springboard for your imagination and an entertaining place to learn something new. Information that was first published in Question of the Week can be found here.

The more we learn about Koi, the more FUN this hobby is - and we always say - if you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right!

While thumbing through a magazine, I saw this ad...

OK - you just don't see this every day - Koi in the bath?  Not exactly sure what that says about this hotel...

This information was first published in Question of the Week.

One of my mentors in the Koi hobby was a guy called Roark, who used to have the most fabulous web site!  This article was originally posted on  This is still considered the bible on Potassium Permanganate use.  PLEASE READ COMPLETELY BEFORE  EVER USING PP!


Picture: Tissue of a Zebrafish heart

Credit: Durham University




Heart research funded by EPSRC at Durham University is using sophisticated optical technology to overcome the challenges of imaging living hearts which are located deep inside the body and move at 300 beats per minute.

OK - for those of us whose Koi are under the ice for the duration of winter, and have too much time...

This origami Koi is quite realistic-looking. The open mouth looks like when they are feeding - or just wanting to be fed! 

OK - not exactly about Koi - but you've heard of robotic fish?  How about the next gen of underwater robots?

Kindly re-printed with permission from Koi Health Quarterly, Winter 93-94.

'Fish on Wheels' frees your goldfish from the tyranny of the tank.

A proposed ordinance which would ban the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in Branford, CT was referred to an ad-hoc subcommittee by the town's Rules & Ordinance Committee at a hearing on July 2nd, 2013.

Let me start by noting that I live in Connecticut, and am usually proud of my state!  The state of Connecticut has compiled a long record of firsts.

Carp are smarter than you think!


This article was first published in the "Just For Fun" section, by Spike Cover and Karen Pattist.

This information was first posted in our "Question of the Week" area.

What’s MOST important to Koi during a power outage?  Quick answer – AIR!  Koi require oxygen to live, and without an air pump or a water fall running, they will quickly consume all available oxygen in the pond and die! 

Chinese or Lunar New Year 2014 (The Year of the Horse) is officially on January 31st.

Rather than the traditional zodiak, the Inland Koi Society ( ) offers a Koi version!  What Koi variety were you born under?

This information was first posted in our "Just for FUN" area.

This information was first posted in our "Question of the week."

This information was first posted in our "Question of the week."

Water changes.  Most of us don’t do enough of them!  The list of benefits is nearly endless, and doing more water changes is probably the simplest, cheapest thing we can do to improve any existing pond.

This infrormation was first posted in our "Question of the week."

This article was previously posted in our "Question of the week."

We asked your opinion about the problems facing the Koi hobby.  Here is the ranking of the answers, with most of your voting for the first one:

This information was previously posted in our "Just for FUN" area.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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