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Koinobori, known as carp wind socks, streamers, or banners, are seen across Japan's countryside from April to early May. Most importantly, they are the traditional decoration on May 5th, which is Children's Day. 

Koi whiskers are known as maxillary barbels.

I read an educational post on a social network by a gentleman named James Story, from Alabama. I asked him if I could share it here, and he was gracious enough to do so. He posted how he physically inspects his Koi in the spring and fall, and explains why. His post is below.   I hope you find it helpful. Thank you James for sharing your Kio keeping to help others be better Koi keepers. 

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It seems Koi shows and Koi harvests have common ground and the search for the grand champion Koi! 

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What is that dreaded black speck you ask? 

More than once I've heard "take care of the water and the water takes care of the Koi." That sure sounds good, but truly understanding the Nitrogen Cycle had baffled me until I took the K.O.I. Certified Koi Keeper course.

Need a little sparkle in your pond?  Check out Gin Rin Koi. 

Koi judging in Japan is based on the 50-30-20 rule and includes the three basic topics, including 50% conformation, 30% quality, and 20% pattern, followed by standards within each variety.

When purchasing Koi for show you may want to base your choice on these topics as this is how shows are judged. Those purchasing Koi for pleasure will also find satisfaction using these topics as a guide in the selection of pleasing and healthy Koi.  

Conformation is the appropriate body shape, proportions, finnage, head shape, spacing and can include the ability to emanate power.

Tag, you're it, the chase is on! It's early summer and love is in the air, in our ponds that is. It's a beautiful, sunshine day, and then it hits you - foam everywhere; phew, that fishy smell; plants shredded and tipped over. The girls are round and robust and the boys are egg-seeking missiles hot after the girls making laps chasing the girls around the pond. What is all this "kommotion?" The water temperatures and day lengths are ideal and it's time for spawning.


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