Your fish might recognize your face

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Your fish might recognize your face

September 29, 2016 - 13:41

We don't know if it works for Koi, but some fish can recognize faces!  Read the story by clicking on the picture or title...

You might want to stop tapping on the fish tank, because the fish inside may be able to remember exactly what you look like. New research suggests some fish can learn to recognize human faces. Gizmodo reports that archerfish, which spit streams of water to catch unsuspecting flying insects, were given a tasty treat if they could correctly choose between known and unknown human faces by using their sharpshooting abilities. From a pool of 44 faces, the fish chose right 81% of the time by blasting the face with a stream of water, researchers report this week in Scientific Reports. If it can be replicated, the feat shows that these fish don’t need a neocortex—a part of the brain specialized in processing faces—to learn and recognize faces, as was commonly thought. Aside from proving that the fish know exactly who is knocking away, the findings indicate that although facial recognition may very well be something humans evolved to do innately, the lack of a neocortex isn’t stopping other animals from learning to do the same.


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