What's in common Koi foods?

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What's in common Koi foods?

February 03, 2016 - 14:34

While we've looked at this issue before, those were high-end Koi foods, not used by the average club member.  This little chart was developed by Sue Boydstun to help her club members start to look at the ingredients found in common Koi foods, so they can start reading labels in order to tell the good foods from the bad foods.  We know that corn is a poor ingredient for Koi food, cause it cause poor body shape and excess hard body fat that can actually end up killing the Koi.  Fish meal is an ideal first ingredient.  See the list of ingredients in order for several Koi foods by clicking on the picture or title...

These are just the first 6 ingredients - to see all the ingredients, you may download the pdf from the link below the chart.

Food 1st Ingredient 2nd Ingredient 3rd Ingredient 4th Ingredient 5th Ingredient 6th Ingredient
Hikari Staple White Fish Meal Wheat Flour Wheat Germ Meal Dried Brewers Yeast Soybean Meal Alfalfa Meal
Hikari Wheat Germ Wheat Germ Meal Wheat Flour Dried Brewers Yeast Soybean Meal Alfalfa Meal Shrimp Meal
Koi Color Fish Meal Wheat Flour Soybean Meal Corn Gluten Meal Spirulina Alfalfa Meal
Kaytee Koi's Choice Fish Meal Ground Corn Dehulled Soybean Meal Wheat Flour Corn Gluten Meal Fish Oil
Satori Koi & Goldfish Fish Meal Ground Wheat Dehulled Soybean Meal Shrimp Meal Wheat Germ Meal Dried Brewers Yeast
Hai Feng Quick Grow Wheat Germ Meal White Fish Meal Shrimp Meal Spirulina Soybean Meal Dried Sour Whey







For the full list - here's the pdf:

Compare Commercial Koi Foods.pdf


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