What is it? Goldfish tea bags!

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What is it? Goldfish tea bags!

November 17, 2015 - 09:30

These beautiful goldfish-shaped teabags make a strong case for the tasteful (and tasty) presentation for using a tea bag rather than an infuser.

The tea bags don’t look like much before the hot water has been added, but once they’re submerged and colored by the tea within, they really do look like goldfish!  Find out where you can buy them and see more pics by clicking on the title or picture.  Note - The nice folks at creativeteabags have offered a SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT for K.O.I. ONLY!  See the full article to take advantage of the discount...

Goldfish Tea Bags Will Turn Your Teacup Into A Fishbowl

These delicate pieces of temporary paper art are made by Charm Villa, a Taiwanese company. There are several tea options available, including Oolong and rose tea.

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