What to do with a "Jumper"

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What to do with a "Jumper"

April 02, 2019 - 09:24

Dr. Richmond Loh (the Fish Vet, Australia) has a new video on how you can help save a Koi that's jumped out of water.  See the link below...


Notes:  In the video, he used Flunuixon to treat swelling - in the USA, Dexamethasone is more easily obtainable and very effective.  In my experience with 'Jumpers', I have successfully been prescribed the use of just Dexamethasone plus an equal amount of liquid Vitamin C (can combine in the same syringe).  The vitamin C addresses the effect of the Dex that suppresses the immune system - right when the fish most needs help...  The idea of bathing the fish in antibiotic to treat skin infection, and then using a sealer might beneficial if there was much skin damage.  Alternatively or in addition, or perhaps just because it's easily available, you might add Ultimate (for it's slime coat replacement capabilities) to the sick tank or pond, while the fish recovers.  Using eye drops made from fish blood is very interesting!  Using PP in the recovery pond is going to have the adverse effect of destroying slime coat and damaging the gills - so this would only be a plan of last resort, and used only if the only recovery tank available was extremely dirty...

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