Treating for obvious problems...

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Treating for obvious problems...

January 12, 2017 - 08:09

This information from Dr. Richmond Loh, DVM.

"Quite often, if your fish presents with parasites, you can be almost certain, there may be other problems too.

Recently, I had a client losing fish from lice. This is easily enough to diagnose without special equipment. There are a variety of medicines you can use that’s suitable, but if you were to treat for lice alone, then you’re in for a shock."

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Dr. Loh continues; "Using my microscope, I was also able to diagnose two other parasitic diseases: Trichodina and gill fluke infestations. So treating for lice alone would still leave the fish owners with problems that would continue to kill more fish, if left undiagnosed.

Even if it were a simple single lice problem, treatments may fail for a variety of reasons: with drugs not working (e.g. incorrectly administered, wrong dose, poor water circulation, drug resistance, rapid drug degradation, etc), or drugs being harmful (e.g. drug interactions, effect on biofilter, species toxicity, etc.)."

The post concludes with advice to call out a veterinarian for only $250-$350 to help diagnose all the issues and plan an effective course of treatment.  But K.O.I. can suggest another solutions - become a Certified Koi Keeper (CKK)!  All 9 CKK courses can be purchased for $205 - less than one visit from a vet (and most USA vets charge $500 for the pond visit, plus the cost of treatment and travel time).  Learn how to prevent disease and parasites, and how to identify problems in your own pond by becoming a Certified Koi Keeper, or take a course or two that you are interested in.  If you then decide you want to take the other CKK courses, we'll count the courses you've already purchased and reduce the fee for the rest!


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