Ramifications of releasing KHV into the wild in Austrailia

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Ramifications of releasing KHV into the wild in Austrailia

September 23, 2016 - 09:53

Now it’s almost certain that KHV will be released into the natural environment in Australia, in the very near future. So what is predicted to happen to the natural waterways?  Read some scenarios by clicking on the title or picture...

One scenario is that native fishes never re-establish, and some other invasive fish species could take over, where carp had been. Some candidates include the goldfish, a variety of cichlids, or the dreaded Gambusia (aka mosquito fish).

A second scenario would be some sort of invasive plant species such as the crocodile weed or water hyacinth. The action of carp may have suppressed it’s growth. With carp gone, these plants would start clogging up the waterways.

A third possibility is that there would be a multitude of uncontrolled algal blooms that suffocate the waterways, leading fish kills left right and centre. These dead fish will float and pollute riverbed, stinking everything in its path. Are people concerned about the unsightly, rotting fish that float or accumulate on river banks?

What other scenarios can you think of?

Source: The Fish Vet, Dr. Richmond Loh, Perth, Western Australia

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