Problems facing the Koi hobby

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Problems facing the Koi hobby

January 20, 2014 - 15:49

This article was previously posted in our "Question of the week."

We asked your opinion about the problems facing the Koi hobby.  Here is the ranking of the answers, with most of your voting for the first one:

  • No way to get good information about the hobby out to newbies before they get discouraged
  • Fragmentation of the hobby by strong disagreements and “warring factions”
  • Incurable diseases for which there are no reasonable and adequate means by which they can be managed
  • No clearly capable leadership within the various fragmented organizations

By far, the largest number of responses agreed that fragmentation is one of our hobbies largest problems.  Certainly our hobby faces many challenges.  Many hobbies, where people are passionate about the time and money they spend, tend to be polarizing.  If a solution works for you, you tend to think it’s the right answer.  Add to the mix that some people just thrive on being in control and telling everyone what they think.  The Koi hobby has no lack of pontificators.  Some of you have pointed out that the real crux of the problem is that not all pontificators are actual leaders.  Talking about a thing doesn’t mean that you are actually out in the trenches, doing good work for the benefit of the hobby. 

Not everyone seeks accurate, scientific information about their business, let alone their hobby.  And yet, it’s good science that has helped us overcome or manage most Koi disease.  If you talk to old hobbyists, who have been keeping Koi more than 30 years, they will tell you about terrible diseases that decimated Koi all over the world in the past.  Today, we have found answers for most Koi and pond problems though better scientific understanding.  That’s the kind of information that K.O.I. strives to disseminate.  Not old wives tales or “it worked for me” – but real science as to how and why Koi function.

Another problem is getting the knowledge out to hobbyists before they become discouraged.  Clubs are a great help, as our discussion forums like Koiphen.  If you really want to support and help this hobby, then suggest to your Koi buddies that they become members of K.O.I.  Show them your K.O.I. Guide, and tell them about the K.O.I courses and ebooks.  K.O.I. will help them to get the REAL answers they need to be successful Koi and pond owners!  No politics involved.  As Spike Cover once observed, this hobby sure is a lot more fun with live fish than with dead fish! 


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