The lateral line

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The lateral line

October 08, 2016 - 08:51

Read the short article about the lateral line by Don Harrawood, SKAPA by clicking on the title or picture.

Did you ever notice that when one of your Koi spooks, they all do?  This is because Koi have a very keen sense of water motion.  Koi have what is known as the “lateral line”.  The lateral line is a line of scales from head to tail located midway along the side of the fish.  Holes in these scales lead to a canal beneath the surface of the skin that contains a mucus substance.  Water movement in any direction striking the sides of the fish will cause the mucus in the canal to vibrate.  These vibrations stimulate the cells that are linked to the nerve system and provide one of the most effective perceptions for survival known as “flight reaction”.  It should be noted that in some “scale less” Koi there may not be any scales along the lateral line.  These fish have the holes in the skin along the lateral line that perform the same function.

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