Koi Gift Ideas for Christmas!

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Koi Gift Ideas for Christmas!

November 20, 2017 - 11:53

By Katy Shanafelt, IWGKS

Ah, Christmas morning. Waking up early and running down the stairs to excitedly tear into a
brand new package of… pond chems?
Wait, that’s not quite right.
OK, pond chemicals and additives might not be the most exciting gift idea of all time. Still, that
doesn’t mean that your loved one’s aquatic hobby has to be absent from under the tree this year.
There are tons of great, exciting pond-related gifts that will surprise and delight your pond lover.

Koi cookie cutter  $7.95

Tategoi or jumbo, these koi cookie cutters are sure to make your next club party or Koi show extra sweet.

Cool Koi Wood block style design Apron  $64.99

Cool, modern graphic that will show your love for fish, even when you’re barbecuing steak.


Koi Ornament  $13.99

Hand-cast and hand-painted, these old world style glass ornaments are classic. They come in many different styles, and are realistic enough to make your tree seem to be swimming with Koi!

Pond lights $30-$99

So many lights, where will you place them all? Under your waterfall is a good place to start! Underwater or above ground, lighting can make a pond a thing of beauty even in the dark of night.


Koi net  $73.89 + $14.99 shipping

This will of course be the hardest item to wrap and the easiest to guess! A new net is always a necessity and a luxury! A flat pan net is required for handling Koi correctly. Make sure to get this Koi specific style!

Koi Book  $16.96

An awe inspiring look at Koi and their roots in Japanese mythology and culture. This book contains beautiful photographs and stories told in traditional Japanese haiku (poetry), providing a modern twist on several old legends. The photographs concentrate on the link between Koi and dragons, with a Koi’s transformation into a powerful dragon being central to many traditional myths. A lovely Koi themed gift to both read and look through, and one that any Koi owner should love to have in their collection!

Koi Plush Toy  $14.00

An adorably soft plush, themed after a Sanke pattern Koi. This fabulous toy measures in at 15” long, making it almost as big as the real thing! The plush is stuffed with super soft polyester fiber and the outside is stitched together with soft plush fabric. The designer also offers a Kohaku plush Koi if you are more partial to that particular pattern, but both are great choices! The plush is made with non-toxic materials and would be a great gift for a Koi enthusiast, pond lover, or even their children!

Koi Hanging Wind Chime  $38.27

A great Koi gift for the garden or porch, which dances elegantly in the breeze! This wind chime is crafted from natural driftwood, ceramic, and non-toxic ceramic paint. It also comes with a bell and lots of moving parts which create a very pretty musical sound with the wind. Measuring in at almost 30 inches in length, the chime is comparable to even the biggest jumbo sized Koi fish, so you certainly can’t miss it!  Designed by a family owned company who specialize in unique home gifts, this Koi themed wind chime would look great in any pond lovers garden. If your home needs some natural melody and sound, we can’t think of a better way to add it.

Thanks again Katy!



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