Japan’s 72 Micro-Seasons of Impermanence

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Japan’s 72 Micro-Seasons of Impermanence

November 21, 2022 - 10:20

Our hobby of koi keeping began several centuries ago in Japan, and in this country, there is a different way of looking at the evolving seasons. I would like to share this beautiful video with you that depicts the 72 micro-seasons as defined by the early Japanese culture.  The video is slightly over 4 minutes and very worth your time.  It invites you slow down and watch nature; please enjoy these few minutes away from the rush of your day. 
"There are many ways to think about the year, from the four seasons to the solstices, to holidays and yearly school traditions, to our everyday appointments and deadlines. In Japan, there are 72 micro-seasons that each connect around five days to happenings in the natural world…

Mist starts to linger; Grass sprouts, trees bud; Hibernating insects surface; First peach blossoms; Caterpillars become butterflies…

The 72 milestones are smaller steps of change that reflect the rhythms of Japan’s ecosystems, but they also embrace the impermanence and constant change that can be applied to any ecosystem."

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