Don't Dump That Fish...

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Don't Dump That Fish...

November 15, 2016 - 10:47

The Department of Fisheries of Western Australia introduced a new program - "Don't Dump That Fish!"  While the links are specific to Australia, the concept has international appeal...  Read the article by clicking on the picture or title...

Don't dump that fish!

The "Don’t dump that fish" program aims to help manage the risk of ornamental fish becoming pests in Western Australia’s oceans and waterways, with the help of fish owners and the ornamental fish industry.

The deliberate or accidental release of aquatic plants and animals into man-made and natural waterways can lead to pest species establishing themselves in the wild, like the Koi carp pictured above. This can have devastating impacts on our native species and aquatic environment. Once established, pests can be very difficult if not impossible to eradicate.

If you no longer want your fish, give them to an aquarium, a friendly organisation or someone else willing to take them.


For example, in the USA, Jerry Myers of the San Diego Koi Club has an unwanted Koi service. If you can’t find a new home for your fish, or if they are sick or diseased, dispose of them humanely.  You may DOWNLOAD THE AVMA GUIDELINES on Euthanasia, and page 20 details how to humanely euthanise fish.

A range of resources has been developed to support the Don't dump that fish program in Australia.  The Australian brochures are a great starting point, and could be modified for use in the USA...  Copies of the Australian BROCHURE and  POSTER are available for you to download and distribute by clicking on the links.


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