A different kind of filter problem...

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A different kind of filter problem...

January 02, 2017 - 12:56

What kind of fish requires lots of oxygen, but can't survive in a standard filtration system?  Learn about these weird pets by clicking on the title or picture...


Having jelly fish as pets can be exciting, not to mention aesthetically relaxing (and can actually be therapeutic). However, if you ever decide to keep one, you will probably stumble on the problem of finding the right tank to keep your jelly fish alive and healthy.

Don’t ever try to put your spongy pets in a regular fish tank, or else they will be sucked into the filtration system and end up being squished.

Fortunately, there is now the JellyfishArt Jelly fish tank out in the market, the JellyfishArt Destkop Jellyfish Tank!

This innovative jelly fish tank is a product of scientific research and was purposely created to allow people to appreciate and experience the wonders of keeping jelly fish as domestic pets.

How it all started

Like many inventors with humble beginnings, Alex Andon, owner of Jellyfish Art, had to start experimenting on jelly fish tanks in his cousin’s garage.

Having finished a degree in Biology and Environmental Science at Duke University, Alex spent a year developing tanks where jelly fish would adapt to and thrive.

Lucky for him, he had Kickstarter (kickstarter.com) to back him up. He built his company Jellyfish Art in San Francisco and posted a call-out on Kickstarter for donors to help him raise funds to be able to commercially distribute his Desktop Jelly Fish Tank.

In September 2011, he was able to raise enough funds to mass produce these innovatively-designed jelly fish tanks and, through JellyfishArt.com, is now selling them across the US and globally.

Work of art

Don’t be surprised if on the first time you see a JellyfishArt tank you become hypnotized and couldn’t stop staring at it.

The jelly fish are truly interesting creatures and their beauty is complemented well with the design and lighting of the Jellyfish Art tank so that the whole package becomes in itself a captivating work of art.

While it is fairly new in the market, Jellyfish Art tanks has become quite popular and overshadowed its competitors, thanks mainly to its artistic design, but also because of its advance features.

Basically, it is a breakthrough device that allows a very delicate creature like the jelly fish to thrive in an artificial environment.

How Does It Work?

The secret in Jellyfish Art tanks are the pump system specifically designed to supply and diffuse air around the cylindrical aquarium.

Rocks layering the bottom of the tank pulls in water to flow to the surface through one side of the tank and then flows back to the bottom on the other side, thus creating a circular water flow.

With this circular movement of water, the jelly fish is protected from being sucked into the filtration system because it stays in the middle of the tank.

Read more about these tanks:  http://homeaquaria.com/review-jellyfishart-desktop-jellyfish-tank/



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