Detroit features Koi collection in spring festival

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Detroit features Koi collection in spring festival

May 07, 2018 - 10:41

If you are lucky enough to live near Detroit, MI - you can enjoy a Japanese festival featuring Koi!

The Belle Isle Conservancy gives the community an opportunity to engage with Japanese culture with a family friendly celebration of the Koi collection.

Inspired by Children's Day in Japan the event featured an outdoor festival with various Japanese influences. 

Visitors participated in traditional Japanese games, learned to make origami fish, and watched cultural performances. 

The BIC produces community programs, hosts fundraisers, manages volunteers, invests in capital projects, builds relationships within the community, and manages the Belle Isle Aquarium. 

With the assistance of a small group of volunteers, the conservancy was able to plan the event with a small budget with hopes of involving the local Japanese community and securing sponsorship for future events.

The Belle Isle Conservancy hopes include more offerings of the event each year.


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