Cost and cleanup of releasing KHV in Australia

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Cost and cleanup of releasing KHV in Australia

September 29, 2016 - 13:51

Australia will use herpes to cleanse rivers of invasive carp.  What will it cost?  Get the answer by clicking on the title or picture.

Don’t mind the herpes in the water down under—it’s the Australian government’s new plan to wipe out invasive carp, New Scientist reports. Since being introduced on the continent in 1859, carp have wiped out many native fish, and now comprise 80% to 90% of the fish in southeastern Australia’s Murray-Darling river system. In an effort to control carp numbers without harming other species, scientists are now turning to biological warfare. The government plans to spend $15 million to release a carp-specific strain of herpes virus into the river system over the next few years. The virus kills carp in about a week, so authorities have also organized a program to clean up the millions of metric tons of carp bodies that will be left behind. The virus is expected to kill 70% to 80% of carp in the Murray-Darling system.


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