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If you are interested in the study of biofilm and it's many varities, this is the article for you. 

In many parts of the world water conservation is becoming very important. This short article gives some insights into conserving your water. 

Kudos to all of you who keep your ponds healthy, and invite the critters of mother nature to find a welcome home in your yard. For those who realize those dragon flies are monster mosquito killers and smile as a new bird drops in for a sip of water, thank you. In this short article by Lucy Towers, she shares the difference our ponds make to the biodiversity of our neighborhoods.  

The keeping of "live" creatures has always had the potential to be heartbreaking, and many of us hobbyist have had our tragic tales of loss and failure.  Sadly this failure will set this effort to save the endangered chinook salmon back for years. 
About 21,000 fish, including sturgeon and endangered chinook salmon, died of chlorine exposure in a "catastrophic failure" at a UC Davis research facility, university officials said Thursday.

Okay it is fun to watch, but there is a bad side to this hitchhiker: eye damage to the koi.  
"Toad attached to the fishes eyeballs and damaging them. It buried it’s front legs in the eye sockets. I had to pull out the toad."

If you wonder why your koi feed is incorporating so many newer ingredients, read this article.  The urgency for self- sustaining feed is because our need to feed fish; both hobby and commercial aquaculture is driving harmful fishing practices around the world.  

I think my pond and koi could use a few more of this type of bacteria! A very interesting study, enjoy. 

Wanting to add some flowering plants to your pond; here is a guide to help you. 

Are you being careful enough about keeping your beautiful water plants, and aquatic life from spreading into your local waterways!  In the local river in my community countless hours and $$$ are spent in ridding our river of plants and animals that should never have been introduced to our river and now cause problems for native life and the health of the river.  Though this article comes from Michigan State University Extension, its message is for everyone who keeps a water garden with plants and aquatic life.  Let's keep them in our ponds and not let them escape to ruin our local water

Though interesting, carrying your beloved koi around is not reccommended by K.O.I. 
Whether you fancy taking your fish for a walk or like your seafood fresh from water to pan, then a bonkers new invention might be for you. The Katsugyo bag allows wearers to show off their expensive market-bought fish as they carry it home. The hand-held accessory doubles up as a portable fish tank is set to launch in Japan.


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