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This brief article by Syd Mitchell explains the part that plants play in the Nitrogen Cycle.

This is an excellent study that evaluated changing out fish meal for plant proteins on carp (Cyprinus carpio) of various ages.  The researchers evaluated growth rates using various proteins and various amounts of protein.  Reading this will help you understand how to better evaluate the labels on Koi food bags.

This article looks at some benefits that plants can provide to a Koi pond. 

NOTE:  Some Koi eat plants!  Some Koi do not eat plants - your Koi may or may not 'bother' plants (by 'bother', I have observed that the usual Koi response to water lilies is to pull them out of the pots, eat the roots, and shred the rest).  Most Koi will eat the roots of water hyacinths - but not all Koi do.  So - if you want to add plants to your pond, test using one smaller, less expensive version of each variety, and see which ones the Koi eat, and which ones they don't (if any).

This article suggests some features and symbolism taking from Japanese Gardens that you can use to beautify your pond surroundings.

This is a great article about a plant that should be used more frequently in planted ponds and tub gardens!

Photo credit: Credit: Image courtesy of University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES)

We all know Koi ponds need filters, but so do aquaculture tanks using Koi or other fish.  Read the full story abou the use of Bioreactors by clicking on the title or picture.

For those of you who are interested in the symbiosis of plants and Koi, here is an excellent presentation that you might enjoy!   I especially liked the part the speaker presented on finding the optimal pH requirements that accounts for needs of plants, fish and bacteria. Little rules-of-thumb for feeding, planting:fish ratios, and supplementation are also presented.  Get the link by clicking on the title or picture...

Many Koi ponds do not have plants because Koi eat them!  But there are many creative ways to keep plants safe from Koi and gain their benefits.  Most Koi keepers think of plants as a way to reduce nitrate levels, but did you know that most aquatic plants prefer Ammonium to Nitrate and can neutralize Ammonium?  Plants can be very effective aids to filtration, and can make a good pond system even better!  While this article is written about planted aquariums - ponds can gain similar benefits!  This excellent article can be downloaded from the Atlas book website page for the book "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium."  Click on the picture or title for the links.

Aquaponics, a blend of aquaculture and hydroponics that grows both fish and plants for personal consumption, is an increasingly popular hobby. Read the short description below by clicking on the title or picture.

Lots of Koi keepers advocate keeing plants in their ponds.  Those who don't have plants in their landscape around their ponds, so it seemed reasonable to post this very interesting (albeit a bit geeky) article about the taxonomy of plants.  Read the article by clicking on the title or picture.


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