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If you are lucky enough to live near Detroit, MI - you can enjoy a Japanese festival featuring Koi!

Everyone is always asking me to post articles on Koi judging.  For many Koi keepers, being able to produce show quality Koi and get recognized for doing so is the epitomy of the hobby.  Many others prefer to just enjoy their Koi at home, but all of us are affected by the Koi judging considerations, because they are the same considerations that dealers use to put a value on the Koi we buy.  So - we need to understand as much as we can bout how Koi are valued.  I have omitted parts of this article that are unique to the UK, but what is included should be of interest to all!

Koinobori, known as carp wind socks, streamers, or banners, are seen across Japan's countryside from April to early May. Most importantly, they are the traditional decoration on May 5th, which is Children's Day. 

Thanks to Dick Blase, Pioneer Valley Water Garden & Koi Club, for this article!

How long can you hold your breath?  That's what you are asking your Koi to do...

Submitted by one of our students, John Siefert. 

Koi whiskers are known as maxillary barbels.

I read an educational post on a social network by a gentleman named James Story, from Alabama. I asked him if I could share it here, and he was gracious enough to do so. He posted how he physically inspects his Koi in the spring and fall, and explains why. His post is below.   I hope you find it helpful. Thank you James for sharing your Kio keeping to help others be better Koi keepers. 

 Laura Irish of Middleburg, FL lost her Koi fish during Hurricane Irma. You won't believe how she found one of them.  Story from the local newspaper below.

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It seems Koi shows and Koi harvests have common ground and the search for the grand champion Koi! 

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