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A fish tale we can understand:

An animal lover has struck up an unlikely five year friendship with a fish after they ‘locked eyes’ in a lake. Holly Jorgensen has become such good pals with the sunfish, named Greenie, that he now waits for her to appear and lets her rub its chin.


Staten Island man gets stuck head-first in empty koi pond

A cautionary tale about cleaning your pond: 
Staten Island man gets stuck head-first in empty koi pond
Koi-tastrophe averted. A Staten Island man fell head-first into his koi pond and got stuck there for a half-hour Tuesday afternoon when trying to clean out the front-yard fish habitat. When first responders arrived at the Emerson Hill house, they “could see the feet of the gentleman sticking straight in the air,” an FDNY spokesman said.

Even swans know feeding koi is fun!
Swans feeding hungry Koi fish at Swan Lake Resort in Kending Taiwan

Heron problem: train a crow!
A homeowner has been paying a crow in mealworms for chasing a hungry heron out of his garden after it stole hundreds of pounds worth of fish from his pond. 
Simon McCabe, 51, says the heron has 'emptied' the pond in his back garden of koi carp and goldfish.
But ever since the crow started visiting the garden last month, the little bird has 'looked after' his pond community and he's not lost a fish since.  

You will love this story about the dedication of a young man training his goldfish to play football. 
A man from China's Guangdong province has turned his fish tank into a football stadium. Yang Tianxin started training his goldfish half a year ago. Now he has 5 Ranchu goldfish which know how to shoot a ball into the goal.

A wonderful story about Copperbelt University and the students hopes this fish inspired. 
Zambia's President Edgar Lungu has joined the nation in mourning the death of a fish that lived in a pond at the country's second-biggest university.

Students at Copperbelt University (CBU) lit candles and marched around campus to mourn the big fish.The hashtag Mafishi, as the fish was affectionately known, is trending on Twitter in the southern African state. 


A bear hilariously faced off against a team of plastic ducks after dipping into a newly-built koi pond for a quick swim.
Footage captured in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, shows a large bear wander over to the pond before slowly submerging into the water to cool off from the heat.
The pond's owner, who filmed the footage, is heard telling the bear to 'get out of there!'

This Black Headed Cardinal is actually feeding these fish. Check out this Youtube.

Looking for some good fish quotes - here are some that we found:

So what are koi teeth made of?
Shark Teeth are actually scales, that's why they can infinitely grow them back.


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