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Yes, we ARE trying to keep the FUN in Koi keeping!  Clearly someone had too much time - but I love it!  I wonder how many balloons it took?  It must be enormous!

Find out when you click on the picture or title!

Thanks SO MUCH to Syd Mitchell - all the way from England!, Ken Autin and Spike Cover for making the Lab SO MUCH FUN!  We were saturated, and a bit silly by the end!


Can you keep Koi in an aquarium?  Well, if they are less than 4" - sure!  Koi have evolved to go deep and hide at the bottom when threatened, so sometimes an aquarium - with glass on all sides but one, is quite threatening to them.  But when they are babies, it's fine to keep them in an aquaium (with proper filtration, of course!) to watch them grow before putting them out into the pond.  Just don't be surprised if you only get a few months before they outgrow the aquarium.  Generally, once they reach 4-6", they need to go out, where they can graze on algae and just be Koi!  Some Koi keepers don't enjoy seeing Koi in an aquarium because you're viewing them from the side, while Koi patterns have been developed to be viewed from the top down.  They sure look different from the side, and that's a learning opportunity too!  If you do decide to keep them indoors with you for a bit, check out these awesome aquarium designs - I WANT ONE!  Click on the picture above, or the title to see all the pictures...

Thanks to Syd for finding the cartoon above!

The ocean quahog would have to be the oldest living creature! It’s a bivalve mollusc that can live as long as 507 years!  Read More after the break...

Why are the courses strange?  That's Professor Strange, of course!  We are honored to have one of the country's leading fish experts teaching 3 courses for K.O.I.   These courses are ONLY AVAILABLE once a year, at most - AND REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY OPEN!    REGISTRATION IS LIMITED - First Paid, First Served.  Courses take about a month, and if you want, you can take all 3 concurrently!  See details below the break...

Registration OPEN for 2017

Limited Time, Limited Number of Students Accepted

Students may take ALL 3 Courses at Once!

Registration Closes February 24 or when a course is full.  You will be receiving materials from Professor Strange  before the end of the month. First assignments due March 6th.  All courses must be completed by March 31.


This Pic was sent to me by a friend - gee, and it's not even Halloween!


Sometimes, you just need a chuckle...


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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