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A little humor from Spike Cover...


While thumbing through a magazine, I saw this ad...

OK - you just don't see this every day - Koi in the bath?  Not exactly sure what that says about this hotel...

OK - for those of us whose Koi are under the ice for the duration of winter, and have too much time...


This origami Koi is quite realistic-looking. The open mouth looks like when they are feeding - or just wanting to be fed! 

Kindly re-printed with permission from Koi Health Quarterly, Winter 93-94.

'Fish on Wheels' frees your goldfish from the tyranny of the tank.

Carp are smarter than you think!


Chinese or Lunar New Year 2014 (The Year of the Horse) is officially on January 31st.

Rather than the traditional zodiak, the Inland Koi Society (http://www.inlandkoisociety.org/Home.html ) offers a Koi version!  What Koi variety were you born under?

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We asked your opinion about the problems facing the Koi hobby.  Here is the ranking of the answers, with most of your voting for the first one:


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