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Be ready for your next koi club meeting or your neighborhood gathering around your pond. If the adults don't like these jokes, I know the neighborhood kids will.
Alright, let's swim right into our funny fish jokes. Also get ready for some of the funniest fish puns that you have been herring about.
70 Insanely Funny Fish Jokes For 2021 (keeplaughingforever.com)

Some koi owners never name their fish, while others like me, spend quite a bit of time finding the perfect name for these treasured pets.  So do you name your koi?  Here is a fun article on suggested koi names. I must admit that after reading this article, my next koi may get the suggested name of Carp-e Diem.  

Funny Koi Fish Names
If you've got a sense of humor and want to name your koi fish something funny or lighthearted, know that there are some great options available. Some funny koi fish names include:

Okay, here are two pages of truly cheesy koi jokes, just in time for your next party!

What do you call a fish with no eyes?     Fsh.
High Class Koi – Cheesy Koi Jokes

A short article on the names of the color variations on koi, along with pictures. 
Koi is the general name for “carp” in Japanese. The name refers to all types of carp, from the simple dull gray fish to highly colored varieties.

A good article on supplementing your koi's diet, however, CAUTION - feeding your koi live food is highly discouraged.  Live food has a high probability of bringing viruses and pests into your pond. For this reason, K.O.I. never recommends live food for your koi.  

Have some fun with this simple fish age in human years calculator.
Fishes are very popular pets. For example, in France there are 26 million pet fish and 8 million cats. 10% of households own at least one fish aquarium, and 25% of households own at least one cat. The main reason for the acquisition of a fish is aesthetic.
Calculate fishes age in human years (equivalence) (age-converter.com)

UConn students learning about "koi people" as they work with a fish food manufacturer. 

Share this with the kids, it is wonderful short video of hatching koi eggs. 
Koi Egg & Fry Development - Cuttlebook Koi Farm - YouTube

An amazing look at fertilized koi eggs!  This 1 1/2 minute YouTube is worth your time. 
Koi eggs 46 hours after fertilisation - Yoshikigoi Farm, Poland - YouTube

A short and basic article on the why quality koi are costly.


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