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This elementary school teacher teaches children how to draw Koi!  And it will work for you too!  Follow the pictoral instructions by clicking on this article's title or picture.  From: http://elementaryartfun.blogspot.com/2012/05/koi-fish.html

These beautiful goldfish-shaped teabags make a strong case for the tasteful (and tasty) presentation for using a tea bag rather than an infuser.

The tea bags don’t look like much before the hot water has been added, but once they’re submerged and colored by the tea within, they really do look like goldfish!  Find out where you can buy them and see more pics by clicking on the title or picture.  Note - The nice folks at creativeteabags have offered a SPECIAL 20% DISCOUNT for K.O.I. ONLY!  See the full article to take advantage of the discount...


Of course, the 2nd one should say "If my Koi are Happy, I'm Happy!"

OK - we've all seen the famous pic, and there are a million opinions...  New research has found...

K.O.I. not only provides your BEST source for "Science, Not Hearsay" - regarding the Koi hobby, but we also have lots of neat stuff for sale!  This pic shows our K.O.I. booth at PNKCA.  Not only can you become a K.O.I. member and get the "K.O.I. Guide" for FREE (members also have access to K.O.I. Group Buys of items that are very helpful for Koi keeping!), but you can purchase courses on all aspects of Koi keeping and learn from experts!  The K.O.I. store sells Duncan Griffith's excellent book "Step by Step Diagnosis and Treatment" as well as K.O.I. enameled pins (for you pin collectors out there!), K.O.I. patches, and even Koi hats, hand crocheted and way too much FUN to wear to your local Koi club or event!  Stop by the K.O.I. booth and pick up your FREE tote-bag - WE CAN HELP!  Check out the K.O.I. On-Line store by clicking on the "Store" tab at the top of the page:  www.koiorganisationinternational.org.

Yes, we ARE trying to keep the FUN in Koi keeping!  Clearly someone had too much time - but I love it!  I wonder how many balloons it took?  It must be enormous!

Find out when you click on the picture or title!

Thanks SO MUCH to Syd Mitchell - all the way from England!, Ken Autin and Spike Cover for making the Lab SO MUCH FUN!  We were saturated, and a bit silly by the end!


Can you keep Koi in an aquarium?  Well, if they are less than 4" - sure!  Koi have evolved to go deep and hide at the bottom when threatened, so sometimes an aquarium - with glass on all sides but one, is quite threatening to them.  But when they are babies, it's fine to keep them in an aquaium (with proper filtration, of course!) to watch them grow before putting them out into the pond.  Just don't be surprised if you only get a few months before they outgrow the aquarium.  Generally, once they reach 4-6", they need to go out, where they can graze on algae and just be Koi!  Some Koi keepers don't enjoy seeing Koi in an aquarium because you're viewing them from the side, while Koi patterns have been developed to be viewed from the top down.  They sure look different from the side, and that's a learning opportunity too!  If you do decide to keep them indoors with you for a bit, check out these awesome aquarium designs - I WANT ONE!  Click on the picture above, or the title to see all the pictures...


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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