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They're among the most amazing events of the wild world:

Africa's thundering herds of wildebeest.
The incredible migrating monarch butterflies.
The captivating chorus of the Gulf corvina. Wait, haven't heard of that last one?

When examining data on a graph or reading facts and figures from a newspaper, it’s important you understand the difference between percent and percentage point.

By Katy Shanafelt, IWGKS

Ah, Christmas morning. Waking up early and running down the stairs to excitedly tear into a
brand new package of… pond chems?
Wait, that’s not quite right.
OK, pond chemicals and additives might not be the most exciting gift idea of all time. Still, that
doesn’t mean that your loved one’s aquatic hobby has to be absent from under the tree this year.
There are tons of great, exciting pond-related gifts that will surprise and delight your pond lover.

We all need a little humor!

K.O.I. does not endorse products, but we do sometimes see good ideas that we want to pass along...

Is your pond too small to keep Koi?  Or perhaps you have a large acquarium, and are tired of short-lived fish?  Consider Goldfish!  The live long lives, and comets can grow up to 12"!  Even fancy varieties live for years, are very easy to care for, and like Koi - they have amazing recuperative capabilities!  Read this story about how a fancy goldfish became this aquarium keeper's favorite fish...

Koi have many superpowers, but...

You know what K.O.I. always says, if you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right!  Joke from Spike...

The word 'fish' is a convenient way to refer to a variety of diverse aquatic creatures, some of which are not, strictly speaking, fish. 

I'm asked all the time about how to make paper-folded Koi - Here is another tutorial.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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