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For you paper-folding enjoyment, we have 2 more Koi Origami patterns for you, this time, a bit more advanced!

There are many times when we would all like a tripod to display something - pond pics, charts, a white board, etc...  Here are Spike Cover's directions (including pics!) to build a FAST, nice, inexpensive tripod - or a bunch of them!  And you can collapse it for easy storage too!

A Canadian woodworker was inspired by the strength and perseverance of Koi to create the piece in the picture above.

One of our members recommended we use this image for our #310 Transporting Koi course... 

One of the 13 best events to visit in the Fodor's Guide features Koi!

I am often asked the proper genus and species for goldfish and Koi.

Some of you know that I've been looking to buy a new motorhome.  While I'm looking for a Class A unit, I found this Fishy-Looking Trailer in my search!  What a cool camper!  It's not for sale - the people who built it just love it!

Nissan Xmotion SUV concept  car, recently shown at the Detroit auto show, is like a Japanese landscape, complete with Koi!

Submitted by one of our students, John Siefert. 

They're among the most amazing events of the wild world:

Africa's thundering herds of wildebeest.
The incredible migrating monarch butterflies.
The captivating chorus of the Gulf corvina. Wait, haven't heard of that last one?


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right


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