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Kentaro Sakai is a champion breeder of nishikigoi carp aka koi fish. Just last year, one sold at an auction for an astounding amount of money— nearly $2 million USD. Sakai’s carp are prized by wealthy collectors for their vivid colors, distinct patterns and glossy skin. Sakai invites us to his fish farm in Hiroshima, Japan, to see how he raises these fish, who lead pretty pampered lives in his care.


For those of you who do crochet out there, here’s a pattern for a blanket with a Koi fish on it!  Note it is a paid pattern, here's the link:


If you've ever wondered how BIG the hobby is, here's the answer! 

A little humor from our Koi!

1.  Where do we want the Koi to go?

2.  What do Koi do when they discover a hole in the net?

Which Koi is most likely to get sick?

Likelihood of success if you have a pond or Koi problem...

If you had to guess which Koi would get sick...

Ever wonder why some Koi Club's decline over time?

Koi are still used as gifts in China.  This article is about a breeder who is trying to use a gift of Koi to find a wife for her son.

When a vandal killed a collection of Koi from a community park, other Koi keepers have pitched in to replace the loss


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