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If you’ve ever visited an aquarium, you might have noticed tiny “sparks” of light dancing around the eyes of some fishes.

Fish are masters of reproductive resilience.

  Picture Credit - Dr. Richmond Loh

A seminar in the Jan/Feb 2018 Aquatic Symposium, held in Sydney Australia, has session a session on Fish Sentience, Cognition and Behavior, by Professor Culum Brown, department of Biological Sciences, MacQuarie University.

Fish sense water motion the same way humans sense sound, according to new research out of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.  Researchers discovered a gene also found in humans helps zebrafish convert water motion into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain for perception. The shared gene allows zebrafish to sense water flow direction, and it also helps cells inside the human ear sense a range of sounds.

Fish have special adaptations that leave us breathless in their complexity.  Read about tuna and their amazing fins...

For months fish that live in dark caves in Mexico go without food. They have gone far longer—millennia—without light, evolving to lose their eyes and skin pigments.

Now researchers have discovered these strange creatures have another oddity. To survive their food-scarce environment, the fish have evolved extreme ways of turning nutrients into energy.

In the past few years, research has shown that fish feel pain.  The question of whether or not fish suffer was the subject of a recent conference...

They're among the most amazing events of the wild world:

Africa's thundering herds of wildebeest.
The incredible migrating monarch butterflies.
The captivating chorus of the Gulf corvina. Wait, haven't heard of that last one?

Koi whiskers are known as maxillary barbels.

This study shows that individuals reactions to stress vary widely.  We cannot assume that while one Koi does not seem to be affected by a stressor, that another Koi might be overwhelmed by the same stressor.  You can read more about Koi and Stress in our ebook:


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