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 is a Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology, University of Portsmouth, where he studies fish and fish behavior.  Over his career he has some observations about fish and human beings.  I know you will enjoy this easy read, short article on how we humans are like our fellow fish. 

More and more exposure to the medical care of our aquatic friends. 
At NC State's Center for Marine Sciences and Technology in Morehead City, 18 veterinary medicine students get hands-on experience operating on fish.

Wow, this technology could be right around the corner for us hobbyists. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a "affinity silk filter". 

A fascinating study suggesting that koi will self-seek water at 90 deg F (32 C) in order to cure themselves of KHVD (cyprinid herpesvirus 3). This is very exciting research, but of course as noted by the researchers out of Belgium, a vaccine is still needed.

Behavioral fever, something newly defined in the behavior of koi/carp.  What a great article on the study of the Cyprinid Herpesvirus3 (CYHV-3), also known as KHVD, and how water up to 90 degree F (32C) is used for treatment.  Though a vaccine is still needed, this study showed that fish will self-select this high temperature water to cure themselves.  "It's been known for a while that fish (and other animals that can't generate heat internally) could help their immune systems fight off infection by moving to a warmer spot.

It is amazing that a 35 year old koi can get the care it needs!  I believe that more and more veterinarians are expanding into aquatic care.  
San Diego Zoo veterinarians removed cancerous masses from a 35-year-old koi last month, the zoo said Tuesday.
Wildlife specialists noticed a skin mass on the koi as the fish was swimming in its pond at the zoo’s Terrace Garden.
The fish was moved May 15 to a tank and transported to the zoo’s veterinary hospital, where it was placed on a specially built table for fish exams.

For those of us who are koi hobbyist, we have a great appreciation for the intelligence of our fish. Scientists, now studying more of the aquatic world and are researching the powers and intelligence of our finned friends. Another review of a study regarding the memory of fish. 
"It is popularly believed that fish have a memory span of only 30 seconds. Canadian scientists, however, have demonstrated that this is far from true -- in fact, fish can remember context and associations up to twelve days later."

Bubbles the goldfish, after a successful surgery is back in the pond in Australia. This gives me a chance for shout out about Certified Koi Keepers Course (CKK) offered through the Koi Organization International (K.O.I.). This affordable course will help you to observe and understand your goldfish and koi, and gain the knowledge on how and when to take action to relieve their suffering and help restore their health. A chance to keep learning about your finned friends and how to create a safe and healthy pond. 

A reminder that koi can live quite a bit of time out of water. I had an unfortunate situation when a young koi leapt from the pond, and in the morning finding it unresponsive (and presumed dead), I placed back in water and gently massaged and moved in the water to reintroduce water running through the mouth. I still have this koi, called Phantom, in my pond today. 

For our more scientific readers, a study on long fins and how they were passed from one generation to another. Included is just a bit of history of the developement of the butterfly koi.  


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