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Carp are a freshwater fish native to Asia. Now the most abundant large fresh water fish in some areas — Australia considers them a pest.

Herpes-based carp control plan may stop some Australian fish exports, and causes alarm overseas.

This is an article on how an introduced species became wild and the efforts that are being taken to reduce wild carp numbers in New Zealand.

We need your help!  Please spread the word - Koi should NEVER be released into the wild!  Here's what happened in one community...

This article is by Syd Mitchell, our Water Quality instructor extraordinaire!  In this article, Syd discusses various techniques that work with different predators.

Our K.O.I. courses help you be prepared for problems, but a 2nd backup component is called for when a mechanical failure can cause Koi deaths.   So - never use one air pump - use 2, and perhaps even more importantly - wire them to different circuits!  Fish researchers at the University of Alberta, Canada had 2 pumps - but they were wired to the same circuit, and mechanical failure caused over 9000 fish deaths, including a Koi collection.  At the University, the device that caused the deaths was a de-chlorination pump - but for most Koi keepers, it's the air pump that's the critical component.

More than three-quarters of the earth's atmosphere consists of nitrogen, yet only four-hundredths of one percent of the mass of the oceans, atmosphere, and earth's crust is composed of nitrogen.

While this research pertains to wild fish, one of the species studied was Crucian carp, and it shows how easily are fish are affected by environmental agents that are not under our control.

There are many, many stressors for fish.  This study shows that noise can change fish behavior.  The image above show how noise stresses people - just imagine what that picture looks like for Koi!

A new study finds that the presence of exotic fish (non-native, like Koi) in rivers does not alter the native fish response to  environmental pollution, which is a known stressor.    If the competition of non-native species is stressful, and stress is cumulative, then this is an unexpected result.


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