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Bubbles the goldfish, after a successful surgery is back in the pond in Australia. This gives me a chance for shout out about Certified Koi Keepers Course (CKK) offered through the Koi Organization International (K.O.I.). This affordable course will help you to observe and understand your goldfish and koi, and gain the knowledge on how and when to take action to relieve their suffering and help restore their health. A chance to keep learning about your finned friends and how to create a safe and healthy pond. 

A reminder that koi can live quite a bit of time out of water. I had an unfortunate situation when a young koi leapt from the pond, and in the morning finding it unresponsive (and presumed dead), I placed back in water and gently massaged and moved in the water to reintroduce water running through the mouth. I still have this koi, called Phantom, in my pond today. 

This reseach gives "frozen fish" a whole new meaning.  My wonder is if the Crucian Carp's cousin the koi is able to revive the same? For those loving a scientific article, you will love this. 
Crucian carp (Carassius carassius) survive without oxygen for several months, but it is unknown whether they are able to protect themselves from cell death normally caused by the absence, and particularly return, of oxygen....

A good basic read on KHV and how to recognize. 

Both goldfish and catfish survived!  But did Stephen the goldfish, learn his lesson?
A goldfish has undergone surgery to fix his broken jaw using paperclips.
Stephen the greedy goldfish ran into trouble when he bit off more than he could chew attempting to eat a catfish.
Owner, Shona Hingston, from Northumberland, returned home to find Stephen in distress with only the catfish's tail sticking out of his mouth.

Cyanobacteria May be coming soon to your pond, via the clouds!
Human health and ecosystems could be affected by microbes including cyanobacteria and algae that hitch rides in clouds and enter soil, lakes, oceans and other environments when it rains, according to a Rutgers co-authored study.

Scientific research about swimbladder disorder for koi.  So for our very scientific minded koi lovers, this one is for you. 

Something we all dread as pond owners, and then we must solve the mystery.
On Saturday, eight days after the die-off at Danly’s house in North Coconut Grove, her neighbors awoke to a similar ghastly sight. Lee Marks and Daliana Mantegazza, koi collectors for 30 years, lost about 150 of the fish prized for the exotic coloring that makes it look like they’ve been painted. The sobbing couple and their sons frantically tried to save them by jumping into the pond and transferring fish into bins filled with fresh water. Only a dozen survived.

(Photo by Stan Shebs, Wikimedia Commons)
If you are looking for an A-Z list of diseases of koi, this presentation in 1998 by Nicholas Saint-Erne, DMV is amazing. 
Abstracted from Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Koi Copyright 1994, 1996, 1998 by Nicholas Saint-Erne, DVM
Diseases of Koi (Cyprinus carpio) - IAAAM_Archive - VIN


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