Becoming Certified vs. Earning a Certificate

K.O.I. understands that Koi enthusiasts have various interests and needs when it comes to their involvement in the hobby. Relative to Koi husbandry, which is the primary focus of K.O.I., one such need is the personal understanding and practice of good husbandry; another is a desire to “pay it forward,” i.e., to help others also understand and practice good husbandry.

In recognition of these differences, K.O.I. will offer two different types of achievement recognition:
1. “Certification” acknowledging a specific curriculum has been completed AND the recipient has agreed to continuing education as specified in the K.O.I. Continuing Education Policy, or

2.A “Certificate of Completion” acknowledging specific courses and/or curricula have been successfully completed.
This means those who complete the curricula for Certified Koi Keeper or the Master Koi Keeper will have the option of either:
1. Becoming Certified indicating they completed the specific curriculum AND they have also agreed to the associated K.O.I. Continuing Education program requirements, or

2. Receiving a Certificate of Completion verifying the completion of the specific curriculum.
The main difference between the achievement recognition options relating to a specific curriculum is that a person that chooses to become Certified is choosing to share their knowledge with others within the Koi community. K.O.I. wants to encourage such sharing and intends to promote and reward those who choose these options

Examples of Certified achievement:

  1. Certified Koi Keeper
  2. Certified Show Water Quality Specialist
  3. Pond Science Specialist

Examples for earning Certificates for specific courses:

  1. 207 – Diagnosis & Treatment
  2. 301 – Advanced Water Quality
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