Winslow, Denise

My koi hobby started with an 800 gallon goldfish pond, with no filter and a lot of algae.  I was a happy owner of this little pond for a couple of years, but sadly I got a severe case of “koi envy”.  Symptoms included an itch to keep koi, an eagerness to figure out how

to fit a koi pond in my own little backyard, and learning along the way that a lack of knowledge on the subject will absolutely “cost you in the long run”. 

In order to cure this malady, I dove into learning about koi, ponds and who could help me build one.  Along the way I have made nearly every mistake that can be made; a record that I personally believe cannot be beat.  My lessons learned, have always concluded with the statement “oh, if I only known this before”! 

Today I have a wonderful 2900-gallon pond in my very, very tiny backyard and it is a focal point of much of our leisure time and a place to share with family and friends. I am proud of what I have learned about koi husbandry, and I continue to enjoy learning more about this hobby I have come to adore.

Thanks to everyone at K.O.I. who has helped me along the way.  I am no longer sacrificing my koi to ignorance and I am improving my knowledge every year.

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right