Seifert, John


First pond, 1984. 1,200 gallons, 42” deep.  Total cost for liner, filter, pump & waterfall, under $25.

Second pond, 1993, 2,700 gallons, for lilies and goldfish. Filtration & 30’ stream added later.

Received first Koi in 1995, still happily swimming in the Koi pond.

Koi pond, 2010, 15,000 gallons, 7’ deep.  Always changing, never complete.  (Replaced first pond.)

Past president, Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society, 8 many years as newsetter editor & other offices.

Past Chairman, Pacific Northwest Koi Clubs Association, 2 years.

Koi Show Chairman, 6 years.

Show Awards: Grand Champion, Young Champion, numerous others.

Certified Koi Keeper; Certified Pond Science Specialist.

Manufacturer of the Kichi Koi Buffet

Fanatical fan of Anoxic Filtration

I enjoy helping with pond and filtration designs and helping all hobbyists on how to "KEEP" the water.


Married to my best friend, Linda.

Two daughters, great sons-in-law, four grandkids & four greats.

Originally from NW Montana.  40+ years in Spokane Washington.

Graduate of Gonzaga University.

Former CPA, retired after 50+ years of number crunching and such.


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right