Hathaway, Wally

Professional background:  Registered Nurse 1971 to present.

                                                25+ years in Intensive Care and Open Heart Recovery.

                                                            Nurse manager for 20+ years

                                                            Emphasis on cardiovascular and immune systems

                                                            Designed focused research studies with goal of quality improvement

                                                10+ years in Administration

                                                            Focus on institutional and unit level long term goals.

                                                            Active member of both medical and nursing ethics committees                                                                              

Koi background:  Went to a Koi show in 1994 and saw a pretty fish with no scales.

                               Dug a 900 gallon hole in 1995, through in a liner and some Koi

                               Dug a 1000 gallon hole, through in a liner, a water way, good pump, an upflow filter and a small pressure filter.  Koi did well.

                               In 2007, heavy equipment to excavate the hole.  Now, a 7200 gallon system with 16 Koi and good filtration and circulation. 

                               Successfully completed KHA class in 2002;  earned Advanced KHA.

                               Have written for KoiUSA, several columns for club newsletters and websites, and have given presentations on Koi health.

                               Have belonged to 3 Koi clubs.  Past secretary for Pacific Wonderland Koi Club.  Current membership in Oregon Koi                                                       and Watergarden Society.

                                Joined Koi Organisation International steering committee in 2009

Hobbies and interests:  Reading, RVing, any kind of sport fishing, gardening, distance travel, talking with friends, and pets.  Currently a volunteer at the Humane Society of Redmond (very rewarding).  

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right