Davis, Kelvin

Kelvin lives in Swanton Ohio, a suburb of Toledo.  The love of plants, water gardening and fish has blossomed over the years from a tiny, preformed pond with four goldfish just to see if we could keep them over the Ohio winter, to now three ponds, three other water fountains and a water garden just for plants with a new show pond being built where the swimming pool was. And yes, even an indoor aquarium since taking the lab course from here to keep the fish he used for it.  He is a member of the Dayton Koi Club and hopes to develop a local club in the Toledo area.  

 Kelvin is currently a paramedic and instructor teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Emergency Medicine to students.  He retired from the fire service where he served as paramedic, firefighter, hazmat specialist and deputy chief of the department.  Prior to that he had a few jobs ranging from door-to-door christmas tree sales to quality engineer for an aerospace company.

 Another passion is for the sheep farm that he is a partner in where they raise three breeds of sheep for competition and for sale as breeding stock, lambing close to 100 per year. There is also a 22K pond at the farm that is in the process of being reworked. 


!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right