Conrad, Dr. Roddy

Roddy and his wife Lizzie live in Charleston, West Virginia with two Koi ponds and 7 water gardens in and around their house.  Their cooler northern mountain climate brings special challenges to ponding.

Roddy is a Ph. D. chemist with a long career of chemical process development.  He has applied those skills to the Koi hobby with some interesting results.  He has studied how chemistry can be applied to Koi ponds and water gardens by running many of his own research experiments, taking careful note of cause and effect.

Roddy has been an active Koi hobbyist since 1994.  He is an active member of the Mountaineer Koi and Water Garden Society where he is now president for the ninth time in its 14 year history.  Roddy has given many presentations at clubs and seminars on giving the average Koi hobbyist a better understanding of when various chemicals can be helpful in Koi pond maintenance issues, to reduce health problems of fish by having outstanding water quality and absence of fish parasites.

Roddy has published numerous articles on pond keeping and water quality.  Among these publications are articles on potassium permanganate treatment, trickle tower filtration, and ORP meters.

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