Campbell, Sandy

I live in Folsom, Louisiana and have been keeping Koi/water for 34 years.  I've built about 14 ponds, including the plumbing and filtration.

I have been a KHA (Koi Health Advisor) for 15 years and a CKK (Certified Koi Keeper) for 6 years.  I'm an Instructor for WWKC, World Wide Koi Club, teaching the Koi Pond Construction and Pond Improvement Courses, online.

I love to show my Koi but even more, I love to teach people how to care for their Koi, build ponds and filtration.  There are few Vets that know how to work on Koi so Koi owners have to be able to diagnose and treat their own Koi.  I also work with Vets that are willing to try.  I am not a Vet, however.

I've written several articles KoiUSA and was a Proof Reader for many years.  I spend most of my free time online helping others with sick Koi, designing ponds and filtration or just talking Koi.  I started the FaceBook group, All Things Koi, in June 2018.  All Things Koi has quickly grown to over 9000 members by having a reputation of helping others.

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me any time.; 985-788-2080.  I'm always willing to help.

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right