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Who is K.O.I.?

                 - Group of hobbyists who have an interest in the science-behind-the-hobby plus years of practical experience!   READ MORE

                 - Volunteers who do this FOR FREE as our Give-Back to the hobby!   READ MORE

                 - Have incorporated as a non-profit corporation - donations are tax deductible!   READ MORE


What makes K.O.I. unique?

                - No one is required to be a member of K.O.I. to take any of our courses!   LEARN MORE

                - No travel is required to take our LAB!   LEARN MORE

                - Anyone can sign up for any course!   LEARN MORE

                - Many courses have an 'audit' option! (if you are taking a course just for your own personal interest, you don't have to take tests unless you want to)   LEARN MORE

                - We GIVE-BACK to our users by offering scholarships and providing discounts to members, CKKs and some groups...   LEARN MORE

                - We offer various certifications!   LEARN MORE

                - We have a no-quibble refund policy!   LEARN MORE

Navigating this Web Site

                - Blue 'Tabs' Across the Top of the Front Page - most have drop down menus when you click on the tab

                - Quick links in all the squares of the grid on the Home Page

                - Help and Contacts on the lower left of the front Page, below the grid   CLICK HERE

                - Policies on the lower right of the front page, below the grid  

                - Contact our web site administrator for help - use the black' Contact' tab on the Front Page   CLICK HERE

Memberships - What do I get, and Why should I become a member?

     - Individuals (Regular-$24 or PLUS-$84)   LEARN MORE

               - K.O.I. Guide - WATERPROOF!   PLUS members also get ALL Guide Supplements!  (now nearly 200 pages!)

               - Discounts on Courses - 10%

               - Discounts on Ebooks - 20%

               - Access to Group Buys - saving of more than 50% over other web prices on stuff useful to Koi Keepers!

               - Access to Archived Articles

               - Access to NEW Articles before anyone else sees them!

               - Renewals only $15 - and you get the Current Supplement FOR FREE!

     - Clubs (Regular-$100 or PLUS-$160)   LEARN MORE

               - 1 PRESENTATION to your Club by a K.O.I. Director via Skype!

               - Newsletter Editor receives access to over 100 Archived Articles and over 500 Blog entries to help provide good content for club newsletters

               - Newsletter Editors receive a Monthly, 1-page, "K.O.I. News" for inclusion in their club newsletters

               - 1 K.O.I. Guide for your Club Library!

               - Group Courses at HALF PRICE for any $25 course! (minimum 6 students)

               - Group LAB at $40 per student (minimum 3 students)

               - Access to Group Buys at Member Prices!

     - Gift Memberships   CLICK HERE

                - Looking for the PERFECT gift for ANY OCCASION for a Koi enthusiast?!  Buy them their own K.O.I. Membership! ($24 and $84)

Learn something new!

      - Courses

                - Rigorously checked for scientific accuracy, updated frequently - our highest standard for current, accurate and useful information

                - Courses on ALL aspects of Koi and Ponds, for hobbyists at every level from beginner to advanced!   CLICK HERE

                - Take a course with your Club - special group discounts for clubs!   CLICK HERE

     - Ebooks

               - Authors include K.O.I. instructors and other experts, checked for accuracy by K.O.I. instructors

               - FREE and For Sale ($1 to $5 each, or available as a set of ALL Ebooks)   CLICK HERE

      - Articles

               - By experts in the hobby, checked for accuracy by K.O.I. instructors

               - Most are for Members ONLY (NEW and archives), but some are available to the public   CLICK HERE

     - Blog

                - Just for FUN!  Not necessarily science, but interesting!

                - 100's of FUN little facts, jokes, fish research articles, and fishy entertainment!  Something for everyone!   CLICK HERE

      - Certifications Offered

               - Groups of courses that can make anyone an expert!  Discounts apply when all courses purchased at once)  CLICK HERE

                     - Certified Koi Keeper (CKK)   LEARN MORE

                    - Certified Show Water Quality Specialist   LEARN MORE

                    - Pond Science Certification  LEARN MORE



DONATE Now!  Learn More    

             - K.O.I. is a 501c3 not-for-profit organisation, and as such, all donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter you can you for your taxes.



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