Nancy Goss

  • Lifelong resident of Northeastern Wisconsin and total animal geek from the time my eyes could focus on movement
  •  B.S. in Botany from University of Wisconsin, Madison
  •  Employed by the Village of Ephraim as Zoning Administrator – recently retired
  •  Discovered koi in 1997 and became an insatiable student of all things koi – still have my first koi, purchased at WalMart (God Bless her, she survived my 14-year learning curve!)
  •  Designed and built my three outdoor ponds and indoor ‘winter quarters’, improving each as I learned
  •  Built and plumbed my own filtration systems – dogged DIYer
  •  Certified Koi Health Advisor
  •  2008 KHA Roundtable presentation “Healing of Deep Tissue Wound w/ Saprolegnia”
  •  ‘Trusted Koivet Mentor’ on Koivet Forum
  •  Member of Upper Midwest Koi Club – guest speaker in May of 2009
  • Frequently consult with local and regional koi hobbyists regarding pond design, koi health issues and water quality
  • Particularly fascinated with dynamics of water chemistry as well as the extra challenges of keeping koi in climates with serious winters
  • One of the founding members of K.O.I. Inc.

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