Mary Nielsen - Student Coordinator, Instructor


I’m Mary Nielsen, and I live in San Rafael, California with my husband Jim and our African Grey parrot, my beloved Newfoundland dog, and Angelina, The House Rabbit Who Must Be Obeyed.  We have two daughters in college in central Texas.
We built our first “pond” in 2003, and two rebuilds and a house move later, found a talented pond builder in our area who built our current 5000 gallon pond in 2008.  In those early years, I really caught the Koi bug, but due to lack of quarantine, was forced to learn how to treat sick and injured Koi.  Needless to say, I learned the value of a quarantine tank.  And water changes.  And paying attention to Koi behavior.
After a hose incident while I was out of town wiped out almost all my Koi in the summer of 2015, I wanted to learn everything I could to stave off any further disasters.  I completed the CKK program in early 2016, after which I joined the great people at K.O.I. as Student Coordinator.  I completed the Show Water Quality Specialist program in April 2017 and quickly found myself teaching Transport,.  The moment when I discovered I had crossed the line into Koi geekdom:  a couple of years ago, while sitting with some old and new friends at a Koi show, I realized that we had been discussing fluke treatments for twenty minutes, and that I had enjoyed it way too much.
I’m on the Boards of both the WWKC and the Northern California chapter of ZNA, a member of a couple of other koi clubs, and in my non-Koi life enjoy gardening (especially when someone else does it!), knitting, my almost-vintage Porsche and talking politics with Syd Mitchell.  

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right