Andrew Moorby, FFCA

Andrew Moorby FCCA

Born: - Sometime in the past in a galaxy far away!

Married: 2 Children (wife says she has three children)

Resident: - Lincolnshire – England

Education: - School – I think, Chartered Certified Accountant

KOI Experiences

Dad kept Koi and I grew up with them, and really wanted a pond when I had the room.  Built first pond 2007, revised the pond 2010 – 5000 gallons.   Built new quarantine/growing on facility 2015 – 1200 gallons.

I first started keeping Koi because I found them relaxing.  I got to know local Koi dealer and he jokingly said you will be showing next, no was response – fast forward 6 years, I’m now loving showing my Koi and meeting new friends. 

I am now immersed into the hobby, currently planning my 5th Trip to Japan.

!If you're not havin' FUN, you're not doin' it right